What is the difference between tux and suit


Today in this article we’re going to answer to a very frequent question about :  What’s the difference between tux and suit.


A very small point before starting the article: smoking (in French) = tuxedo (English translation). No difference between a tuxedo and a smoking, it’s the same thing!

The differences between a suit and a tuxedo are not huge, since a tuxedo is a type of suit.

Let’s return to the histroty of the tuxedo in 1860, which was created for the Prince of Wales to protect him from the smell of cigarette ,the first tuxedo was worn for the first time in the United States in 1886 at Tuxedo Park Village. This outfit will then be named Tuxedo by English speakers.

What does a tuxedo look like today?

A tuxedo is therefore an event suit, very formal, which offers a classy and elegant style.

It is very easily distinguished by its silk lapel. A smoking can be worn in 2 or 3 pieces: “pants + jacket” with or without jacket.

In all cases, the jacket has the famous silk lapel, and the pants have a silk band that covers the seam of the pants on the side.

What events?

If the tuxedo is an outfit of tradition and prestige, it is also intended for the evening, the night events. Wearing it before the night would be a big mistake (unless you’re in Cannes). The tuxedo will be out for a rather distinguished event: galas, dinner convention, or casino.

Beware, in France, the tuxedo is not a dress suitable for weddings ! (which is not verified in the United States: most fashionable dress for this event).

What style for a tuxedo?


The tuxedo is very limited in terms of color, if you want to stay in the classic style. The favorite color remains black or white. This guarantees you a formal look.

Although black is a star color, the midnight tuxedo, with black lapel, is brightly trendy and fashionable.

Smoking - tux

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The jacket has 1 button, straight or slanted pockets without flaps. Pocket edges are also worked with silk..

The silk lapel collar is usually acute (pointed) or shawl collar (rounded).

The buttons should be covered with the fabric of the tuxedo or lapel.

Feel free to opt for a fancy and original lining, the only pleasure you can get to have an original tuxedo. The pants have a silk band all along the leg.

The tuxedo is worn with a white shirt. The collar can be broken or folded (classic); but the wrists must be musketeer (with cufflinks). It is associated with a black bow tie, a tummy belt (cummerbund) and black dress shoes (Albert slippers varnish, or consul brogue very well waxed).